Our Garden Journey: Year One [2014]

The year is 2014, we were in the process of dramatically changing our lifestyle. We had changed our habits, our diet, & found our food co-op.. I felt a real sense of urgency to begin growing *some* of my own food, from seed. We were living in Chicago at the time, in a small one bedroom apartment in Avondale. We didn’t have much room for a garden, but we did have a small patio. We were able to fit 20 5-gallon buckets on our patio! On 3/17/14 we started seeds in ziplock baggies & our journey as gardeners began!

Pictures of our garden & the plants we grew ❤

TOMATOES: black & red cherry tomatoes!

GREENS: swiss chard, kale, beet greens, spinach, red deer tongue & lily’s lettuce

beets & carrots

BELL PEPPERS: red bell pepper

HERBS: mint, sweet & lemon basil

PEAS: snap peas

FLOWERS: violas, lettuce, mint & basil flowers 

Before I knew it our first year of gardening was over!



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