My Favorite Gardening Podcasts

Due to our moving to the countryside, I have a longer commute to work.. Therefore I have plenty of time to kill, and my favorite way to take advantage of this time is by listening to gardening podcasts! I gain so much from listening to these podcasts, so I felt it necessary to share the love and help promote them! Here is a list of my favorite ones that I think you should check out!

good life
#1 Good Life Revival: Permaculture, Rewilding, Homesteading

This podcast is the work of Sam Sycamore, a permaculturist, forager, writer, musician, and upcoming market gardener. Up until episode 31 he was living in Kentucky but is now relocating to Indiana to work/live on a farm. He generally publishes one episode a week but he also started a book club project that can be accessed via his patreon page. I discovered Sam through his Farm and Forage Challenge that he hosted the summer of 2017. Sam is very intelligent, and I love the way he articulates his thoughts and point of view. A lot of the Good Life Revival podcasts feature a guest interview, and I thoroughly enjoy the intellectually stimulating conversations he shares with his guests. The Good Life Revival is certainly the podcast I look forward to listening to the most each week, and I hope you give it a listen!
Some of my favorite episodes are: 30, 29, 20 (though all episodes deserve several listens)

joe gardener
#2 The Joe Gardener Show with Joe Lamp’l

This podcast is created by Joe Lamp’l, the host of the TV series Growing a Greener World. Joe is a life long gardener, and you can hear the love he has for gardening in each episode of his podcasts. I have just recently started listening to his podcasts, and have not listened to each episode yet. His podcast and guests are generally very science based, and it’s great to know what is being said on his episodes is going to be factual. Along with the episodes being chock full of information, he posts very detailed notes for each episode in the note section and on each corresponding page on his website.
My favorite episodes so far are: 34-36 (on gardening myths AMAZING) 3-5 (on tomatoes SO GOOD).

sow edible
#3 Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast
This podcast is the work of Stacy and Amy, a married homesteading duo located near Raleigh, NC. This family is very inspiring, as they built and designed their off-grid home their selves, and they operate their permaculture farm as a family unit. Their podcast is the story of their journey on their land, and I would recommend listening to it from the beginning to end. I find it fascinating to follow along with their story, and find their podcast to be both entertaining and educational. As they live close to me, it’s excellent to hear their experiences with the plants they grow as it’s very applicable to me! I wish they posted more frequently, but I am always happy to get an update on what is happening on their homestead! They also do some guest interviews, and I also enjoy those episodes.
My favorite episodes: I can’t pick one – I’d just start at the beginning and listen to them all!

organic gardener
#4 The Organic Gardener Podcast
This podcast is ran by Jackie Marie Beyer, a teacher, artist, journalist, and gardening enthusiast. This podcast features Jackie interviewing fellow gardeners, farmers, and entrepreneurs. Each episode generally follows the same format, and Jackie usually asks each guest the same general questions. I really appreciate Jackie’s personality and find my self chuckling several times during each episode due to her enthusiasm and excitement (birds of the same feather here) about gardening and her guests. This podcast has A LOT of episodes and I’m constantly impressed with how many episodes Jackie churns out. She also has a gardening facebook group.
Some of my favorite episodes: 170, 202, 208

#5 The Permaculture Podcast 
This postcast is created by Scott Mann. He is a permaculturist and his podcast is an amazing body of work. The topics of his episodes are varied but many focus on the social aspects of permaculture. Most episodes are philosophically engaging, and I appreciate how each episode leaves me contemplating what was discussed for hours. Scott Mann is a very inspiring individual and I always learn something new from his podcast. You can expect a new episode once a week!
Some of my favorite episodes: 1719, 1702, 1643, 1638, 1617.

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