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My name is Brittany. I am a passionate gardener, seed saver, fermenter, homesteader, artist, writer, hiker & backpacker.


In 2013 I started to live my life more consciously.. I was beginning to find myself wanting more out of life. I started to change my lifestyle to become more healthy, balanced, and in touch with nature. I switched to a whole foods plant-based diet, for my health & the health of the planet. In 2014 I got a job at my favorite place in Chicago: The Dill Pickle Food Co-op. I fell in love with produce, local farming, and building community around food. I finally had found my home, I can hardly express how much The Dill Pickle meant to me back then & still means to me.

FERMENTATION: In 2014 I discovered the art of fermentation & quickly was obsessed. I now make a myriad of different ferments including kombucha, sauerkraut, kim chi, and other veggie ferments.  Click here to see more pictures & video of my fermentation!

GARDENING: I began gardening March of 2014, and found my life’s purpose: growing food. I had finally found my truth, my heart song! I’m forever thankful to my first garden that we created on our tiny patio in Chicago… Those 20 5-gallon buckets of soil shifted the course of my life.  Click here to see more pictures & video of our garden!

TINY HOUSE: I am blessed to have the most amazing human in my life in, my partner Richard. In 2014 we were watching lots of videos on various types of sustainable homes: earthships, cob homes, and came across a video on Tiny Houses on Wheels. We decided that February that we were going tiny! We started saving money, downsizing our possessions & designing our house. We had an architect create blueprints based on our design, and in April of 2015 our contractors began to build our house.  Click here to see more pictures & video of our house!

It took just over a month to build our house and we moved into our Tiny House on Wheels on 5/22/15! Our home is 118 sq ft, built on a 18 ft trailer and is everything we had hoped for. We lived in Richards parents backyard in the Chicago suburbs for almost a year. We were so happy we had made our dream come true! Now for the next goal: move somewhere warmer! We decided to move to North Carolina, and moved November of 2015. We lived very happily in our THOW for 2 1/2 years… Until our next big lifestyle change occured..

HOMESTEADING: Our ultimate goal for the past 5 years has been to purchase land. In November of 2017 we made this a reality! We found our dream land in the Triad of NC, four acres with an 800 square foot house on site. We decided to move into the big house, which we’ve dubbed the mansion (compared to our tinyhouse)! We are still adjusting to this huge lifestyle change, and are thankful everyday for the experiences we had in our Tiny House, which helped reshape our reality and allowed us to live very cheaply to save for land. With the acreage we have I have plenty of space to create the permaculture gardens I’ve been dreaming of. Half of our property is cleared, and the rest of it is forested, through which we’ve been carving hiking trails.

BACKPACKING/HIKING: We both love hiking, and we’ve hiked many miles together in various national parks & states. June 2017 we had our first backpacking adventure together on the Appalachian Trail. We did a 5-day section hike covering 40 miles of the AT. We plan to thru-hike the AT at some point in the future.

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