Purslane Gardens Seeds

Welcome to Purslane Gardens Seeds! 
A small bio-regional seed company located on my four acre homestead in Madison, NC. Created in 2018, I sell only seeds I’ve grown myself that are acclimated the the conditions here in the Triad of North Carolina.

*Seed Collection will be available January 2019!*

All About My Seed Company:
-About my Seeds:
100% of the seeds I sell are grown on my 4 acre homestead. I grow only open pollinated species. I do not grow GMO or Patented Seeds. This enables you to save the seeds from plants you grow – and I encourage you to do so!
-My Growing Practices: I follow beyond organic practices, never spraying any chemicals  or even “natural” sprays. My garden is a no-till garden, utilizing wood chips, mulches, and tarps to build soil. My garden is fossil fuel free, using hand tools for cultivation. I keep a polyculture garden, following permaculture practices to create a diverse ecosystems for the native species on my land.
-Zero Waste: Running my company as close to Zero Waste as possible is very important to me. I want to generate zero plastic waste through my business.
-About my Company: My company is based on my values and ethics, not profit.

year 1 basil seeds
The first seeds I ever saved! Lemon Basil 2014

My Journey as a Seed Steward:
I started saving seed the first year I started gardening, in 2014. I’ve understood the importance of seed saving even as I began gardening. To ensure seed diversity, to grow seeds that would be more successful in my garden and in reverence of the plants and varieties I love.