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Our Garden Journey: Year Two [2015]

With my first year of gardening under my belt, I was feeling good. I extended the season by growing sprouts in my kitchen, and by growing microgreens in my bedroom throughout the winter of 2014!

Early in January 2015 we met with our architect who was designing the plans for our TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS! It had taken us a year from when we decided to “go tiny” to get to this meeting. I knew that 2015 was going to be the year of us making our tiny house dream a reality. Because of this, the garden wouldn’t be my #1 priority. But I couldn’t help but start seeds and trust that I would have someplace to plant them in a few months.. I started my seeds in my bedroom on 3/18/15.

Our tiny house construction began on 4/16/15.

We moved from our apartment in Chicago (goodbye patio container garden!) into our tiny house on 5/22/2015. I took my seedlings along with me, and several days after moving in, I planted my seedlings in my trusty 5-gallon buckets, and into the ground (scary territory for me!)

I also emptied my worm bin, getting 19 #’s of worm castings. There were HUNDREDS of worm eggs!

Our garden suffered many challenges over the season: 
-My in-laws landscapers weed whacked the entire garden bed taking out all of my leafy greens.
-The garden bed flooded and remained underwater for several days at a time after any rain, killing the rest of the plants that hadn’t been weed whacked!

We did have a few victories though! We got a small harvest of tomatoes:

We also got a few other plants to produce:

Overall, 2015 was not our best year of gardening! I learned hard & fast about how important it is to have good draining soil, full sun, and landscapers who don’t kill all your veggies! I learned a lot over the year. I knew 2016 was going to be a way better gardening year… ‘Cuz we were moving ourselves & our tiny house to NORTH CAROLINA!